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What is the "four filters" of cranes? 


November 18, 2022 20:40 Sany Crane Editor in ZanChen Jerry Wang Author: Sany Crane


The so-called filter, as the name suggests, its main responsibility is to filter the oil, fuel, and air that enter the equipment from the outside, ensuring that impurities do not cause "internal damage" to the equipment.

The "four filters" are located in different systems of the truck crane, including the oil filter in the lubrication system, the fuel filter in the fuel system, the return filter in the hydraulic system, and the air filter in the air system. The filter elements in different systems have the same responsibilities. Today, Brother Chong will introduce the familiar and unfamiliar "Four Filters" to everyone in sequence.


1 Oil filter

The oil filter is connected to the oil pump and various components in the engine, and its main responsibility is to guard the door, filter the oil in the oil pump and deliver it to various components inside the engine, ensuring better engine operation. The main function of engine oil is lubrication, and the oil entering the parts will form an oil film on the surface of the parts, which has a lubricating effect. If there is no oil filter, impurities in the oil and air will enter the interior of the engine, and the oil film is no longer a smooth oil film, but an oil film full of dust and impurities, which can cause chronic and fatal damage to the parts.

2 Fuel filter

Construction machinery and equipment such as trucks and cranes often use diesel as fuel, so fuel filters are further divided into gasoline filters, diesel filters, and natural gas filters. The fuel filter is located in the fuel gas system, and its main responsibility is to filter the fuel entering the engine. The fuel filter is connected in series to the pipeline between the fuel pump and the throttle valve inlet. Its function is to remove solid impurities such as iron oxide and dust contained in the fuel, prevent blockage of the fuel system (especially the fuel injector), reduce mechanical wear, ensure stable engine operation, and improve reliability.

3 Air filter

Air filters are mainly used in fields such as pneumatic machinery and internal combustion machinery to provide clean air for mechanical equipment, in order to prevent these mechanical equipment from inhaling air containing impurities and particles during operation, which increases the probability of wear and damage.

4 Return oil filter

This is an important filter that distinguishes truck cranes from other equipment. The return oil filter is located in the hydraulic system of the truck crane, responsible for filtering the hydraulic oil entering the hydraulic components. The truck crane has a very large and important hydraulic component - the lifting arm, and the amount of hydraulic oil used is also very large. Therefore, the return oil filter we see is also a very large component. Its main responsibility is to filter the hydraulic oil that enters the hydraulic components to prevent impurities from entering the hydraulic oil, causing damage to the hydraulic components.

Declaration: This article is reproduced from the internet. Readers are advised to use it for reference only and verify the relevant content on their own. If you have any questions or doubts about the content of this manuscript, please contact Tiejia Network immediately. We will respond to you promptly and take action. Thank you again for your reading and attention.



49 60072876 Baroceptor 1

50 B241900000192 Extension cord, solenoid valve, ABS 2

51 B241900000191 Extension cord, solenoid valve, ABS 2

52 B241900000190 Extension cord, sensor, ABS 2

53 B241900000189 Extension cord, sensor, ABS 2

54 60110248 Instrument, combination, bus 1

55 10754912 Warning label, vehicle start 1

56 A229900008853 Pedal, throttle, electronic 1

57 A229900008854 Pedal, throttle, electronic 1

58 60051778 Lamp, rear, left combinition 1

59 60051777 Lamp GP, rear, right combination 1

60 60018083 Alarm, backup 1

61 A241100000290 Rear anti-fog lamp GP 1

62 60105153 Lamp GP, license 1

63 10006051 Bracket, licence 1

1 A210111000089 Bolt 4

2 A210319000004 Nut 4

3 A210405000007 Washer 8

4 11624713 Cover, frame, storage battery 1

5 A242200000110 Battery 2

6 A820604000164 Bulkhead, accumulator 1

7 A820101331143 Strip, pressure, storage battery 2

8 A820301016039 Hook, pressure strip 4

9 A210111000092 Bolt 4

10 11654939 Box body, storage battery 1

A810501105000 Accumulator installation

1 10358045 Label, air pressure, tire 2

2 A290000003269 Mark, reflecting, vehicle body 10

3 10358044 Label, air pressure, tire 2

4 10006628 Nameplate, chassis 1

5 A210510000007 Rivet 8

6 11039803 Nameplate, lubricating points, chassis, 50T truck crane 1


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